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Davit FAQs to Help you Select the Right Davit

  • What is your best davit system? They are all great for their specific needs but if you have the space on your swim platform and you have the budget, then the Winch-on with electric winch and Pull-on are the strongest and most convenient.

  • Does your yacht have a shallow swim platform?The Pull-on davits offer extensions that help for shallow depth swim platforms. Contact us for exact measurements. However, for very shallow swim platforms the Pivot-up, Sling davit or Quick Snap davit system work great as they allow the inflatable boat or dinghy to pivot up into a vertical position on its side.

  • Are you capable of lifting and pulling heavy weight?If no, the Winch-on davit (manual or electric options) is best as it pivots and tips up to allows you to winch the inflatable boat, dinghy or PWC up onto the cradle of the davit system.

  • Which davit system is good for a PWC (Seadoo and other brands)?The Winch-on davit system is great for PWCs because of their added size and weight so a more robust davit is needed and the Winch-on system offers a winch system also that makes it easy to bring up a heavy PWC to your swim platform with no effort at all..

  • Is your inflatable boat, dinghy or PWC under 350 lbs?If you have a light inflatable boat or dinghy and are able to even davit your dinghy on its side, then we have several davit system options for you including the Pull-on, Pivot-up, Sling davit, or Quick Snap.

  • Is your inflatable boat, dinghy or PWC over 350 lbs?  If you have a heavy inflatable boat or dinghy, a RIB or PWV then the Winch-on davit (with manual or electric options) is your best option.

  • Do you want to keep your engine on your dinghy while stored? See the Winch-on davit, Pull-on or  Lift-up davits. The Pivot-up davit also works great when used in conjunction with the pivoting motor mount to allow for the engine to stay on. It also works great on shallow depth swim platforms.

  • Do you have a sailboat? See the Lift-up, although the sling davit may also work subject to your aft area and what small craft you intended on carrying.

  • Do you need the davit to be removable?All of our davits are removable except the Lift-up davit. Some davit systems even break down into small pieces allowing for easy storage in small lockers or below decks.

  • Do you want to carry a canoe, kayak or other water toy? See the Dinghy Sling, Winch-on, Pull-on or Lift-up davit systems as they have great flexibility in what type of small craft they can carry.

  • I'm really confused as to what davit system I need, what do I do? Email us or call us and we will help you figure that out because we are the davit system experts.

Still not sure? Contact us for advice on the davit system that is best for your needs.


Heavy dinghies and PWC easily manually or electrically winched up onto the larger vessel's swim platform.


Manually pull or slide a dinghy up onto the yacht's swim platform while leaving the engine and gear on the dinghy.

Sling Davit
Affordable and flexible sling davit for storing an inflatable boat, kayak, dinghy, or cargo on your larger vessel.

Pivot-up davits for inflatable boats allow the dinghy to pivot up on its side on the swim platform of your vessel.

Quick Snap
For all inflatable boat dinghies. Holds dinghy securely against swim platform for easy borading or loading.

Dinghy storage on sailboats to lift your dinghy out of the water to avoid swamping or loss while underway.

davit system selection tips

Our whole crew has over 60 years of combined marine, inflatable boat and davit products experience.

We worked for and consulted to prominent inflatable manufacturers including Zodiac, Bombard, Hurricane, and others.

We know inflatable boats and how to davit them, repair them, paint them and maintain them.

Davit System Options

Inflatable boat or dinghy davit systems and marine davits for hoisting, lifting and storing inflatable boat and dinghies on powerboats, sailboats and yachts is an investment that needs to be selected wisely. We offer several types of davit systems to meet the needs of your specific vessel including winch-on davits, slide-on davits, sling davits, pivot-up davits, quick snap davits, lift-up davits,  and accessories including hoists, cranes and more.

These davit systems are designed for the boat owner who demands the best in function and style for their specific davit needs based on their inflatable boat or dinghy and larger vessel. 

We offer several simple davit system solutions for inflatable boat and hard-shell dinghy storage while retaining room on your swim platform and boat. We offer different mounting systems to match almost any size swim platform, deck area, and vessel configuration.

View our davit FAQs below, or read our selection chart below, or contact us and "ask our experts'.

Securely and conveniently store your inflatable boat, hard-shell dinghy, or PWC on your yacht.

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Inflatable Boat & PWC Davits

Ask the Experts

Contact us for advice on the davit system that is best for your needs.