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Inflatable Boat & PWC Davits

Before and after painting.

How To Select The Best Paint For Your Needs

Why should you paint your inflatable boat or kayak?

  • Thousands of restored inflatables and happy customers - a dependable and successful product.

  • Easy to apply - clean the boat, brush on basecoat and topcoat in stages, let dry and cure, and go boating!

  • Restores old, faded, sticky inflatable boats to looking renewed with enhanced protection and appearance.

  • Applicable for both Hypalon and PVC inflatable boats - using slightly different application procedures.

  • Unlike other coatings - superior adhesion to fabric and increased protection, durability and appearance.

  • Long lasting - painted boats last  for years and show no signs of deterioration or bad affects.

  • Fixes pinhole leaks - fixes pinholes, covers chafed areas, covers worn, exposed fabric and old patches.

  • Wide color selection - gray, white, red, orange, black and more. Custom colors available on bulk orders.

  • Some paint comes in "Pontoon Kits"- which covers the inflatable boat pontoons only, not including the outer floor.

  • Some paint comes in "Pontoon & Floor Kits" -  which covers the inflatable boat and outer floor.

Not sure what you need? See all our repair products and paint here.

Now a renewed dinghy.

A faded stained old dinghy.

Restore your old inflatable boat. Great for Hypalon and PVC boats of all makes and models.

Renew your old, faded, sticky, deteriorating PVC or Hypalon inflatable boat with our proven inflatable boat paints. Inflatable boat paint, for inflatable boats, inflatable kayaks, dinghies, inflatable canoes and accessories.

Inflatable boat paint is great for restoring for inflatable boats, inflatable kayaks, dinghies, inflatable canoes, inflatable boat related accessories and other inflatable products. It  can renew and protect your inflatable by adding a layer of strong, UV resistant synthetic rubber that bonds directly with your existing surface - PVC or Hypalon.

Our inflatable boat paint paint has done wonders on Zodiac, Avon, Bombard, Caribe, Quicksilver and dozens of other inflatable boats and kayaks. Add years of pleasure to your investment and save money by not having to buy a new boat or invest in major repairs and fabric recovering!

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