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DInghy Rings -  3 Pivoting Vertical Davit Systems For Inflatable Boats

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The concept behind Dinghy Rings is simple – enjoy your boating life with comfort, style and convenience. Instead of lifting your dinghy aboard, deflating and inflating it or leaving it in the water, Dinghy Rings let you raise your dinghy in an easy and quick way to an upright position. Perfect for sailboats but can be used on power boats too!

Dinghy Rings is a pivoting dinghy davit, for storing an inflatable dinghy or dinghy at the stern of a pleasure boat, in the harbour or while cruising. The davit is designed to be adjustable, affordable and discreet and is available in 3 versions (FLEX, SLIM and BOLD) to fit sailboats and yachts with external swim platforms, small swim platforms or flat sterns with no swim platforms - especially sailboats when space is limited.

FLEX system - best for sailboats and yachts with no or small swim platform. It is hung over the stern, bow or side of a boat. It is adjustable in height and fits almost any boat.

SLIM system - best for sailboats and yachts with narrow external swim platforms.Fitted with the supplied brackets and mounted under a narrow external swim platform up to 36 inches (90 centimeters). Both the rings and the frame are removable. Can be used if you have a swim ladder.

BOLD system - best for sailboats and yachts with wide external swim platforms. Dinghy Rings BOLD is mounted under a wide external swim platform 43-157 inches [Dinghy ring Bold davit for inflatable boats and dinghies in sailboats and yacht] (110 –400 centimeters). All of the mountings are hidden and both the middle arc and the rings are detachable.

Reverse the dinghy astern of your boat, place the rear ends of the dinghy’s pontoons in the rings, secure the dinghy and pull to lift it as the rings rotate. It hoists your inflatable in harbour or while cruising and suits almost any motorboat or sailing yacht.

  • Convenient, easily handled by one person.
  • Discreet and detachable.
  • Gentle to both boat and dinghy.
  • Stable, as the weight is distributed equally.
  • Quick launch in emergency situations.
  • Affordable, thanks to a simple and clever design.
  • When in use the dinghy should not be permitted to take on and hold water.
  • A small engine can be kept mounted under certain circumstances - see below.

The prefect solouiton for sailboats and yachts with no swim platform. We make inflatable dinghy storage easier. Review all 3 systems below.

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